Figure 7.

Glutamate-induced the cleavage of α-fodrin in HT22 cells and inhibition by calpain inhibitors as detected by Western blot analysis. A: HT22 cells were treated with 7–8 mM glutamate for the indicated times. Control sample showed intact α-fodrin protein (240 kDa). Accumulation of calpain-mediated 145 kDa BDP was detected after 6 hrs of glutamate treatment, but was not detectable after 24 hrs of treatment. There is no evidence showing caspase-3-produced 120 kDa BDP. B: HT22 cells were treated with 7–8 mM glutamate in the presence of calpain inhibitors, 100 μM PD150606 and 25 μM ALLN, for 8 hrs. Both calpain inhibitors could block or reduce calpain-mediated 145 kDa BDP. Treatment with calpain inhibitors alone had no effect on proteolysis of α-fodrin. Each experiment was repeated 3 times and a representative example of the Western blot is shown.

Zhang and Bhavnani BMC Neuroscience 2006 7:49   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-7-49
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