Figure 2.

Schematic of lesions of the AcbC Black shading indicates the extent of neuronal loss common to all subjects; grey indicates the area lesioned in at least one subject. Coronal sections are (from top to bottom) +2.7, +2.2, +1.7, +1.2, and +0.7 mm relative to bregma. Diagrams are modified from reference [83]. Panels a-c correspond to Experiment 1, in which lesions were made before training; panels d-f correspond to Experiment 2, in which lesions were made after initial training. Panels a & d show groups trained with no delays; panels b & e show groups trained with 10 s delays; panels c & f show groups trained with 20 s delays.

Cardinal and Cheung BMC Neuroscience 2005 6:9   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-6-9
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