Figure 1.

Paralysis assays in the transgnic C. elegans. A. Time course of paralysis in the transgenic strain CL4176 and the control strain CL1175. B. Paralysis assay in C. elegans CL4176 fed with different isoflavones. Synchronized eggs were maintained at 16°C for 38 h, on the 35 × 10 mm culture plates (~100 eggs/plate) containing vehicle (control), daidzein, glycitein, or genistein (100 μg/ml), followed by up-shifting the temperature to 23°C to induce the transgene expression. The paralysis was scored at 60 min intervals. Data are expressed as percentage of non-paralyzed worms from three independent assays of 100 worms in each experiment. C. The paralysis assays were quantitated for mean time duration at which 50% worms were paralyzed from 30 hrs after up shift temperature to 23°C (PT50). P values were obtained from 3 independent assays for the worms fed with different drugs each paired with untreated controls. Total 100 worms were used in each assay.

Gutierrez-Zepeda et al. BMC Neuroscience 2005 6:54   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-6-54
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