Figure 4.

Localization of αs-GFP Fusion Proteins in Living Cells. (A) Membrane localization of tribrid fusion, αs-GFP(92–94), in HEK 293 cells ~24 hr after co-transfection with β1 and γ7. Similar localization patterns were observed when αs-GFP(18–20), αs-GFP(N), or αs-GFP(C) fusions were co-expressed with β1 and γ7 (A non-linear representation of the image brightness was used to illustrate both the dimly fluorescent cells in the upper right corner and the very bright ones at the bottom, scale bar = 20 μm). (B) The remaining 10 tribrid fusion proteins were evenly distributed throughout the cytosol (with little fluorescence in the nucleus) as seen here in HEK 293 cells transiently expressing αs-GFP(362–364), β1 and γ7.

Sheridan et al. BMC Neuroscience 2002 3:7   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-3-7
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