Figure 3.

Developmental expression of β- and γ-synuclein in different mouse strains.A. 15% SDS-PAGE was performed on brain homogenate from the 129/Ola, ICR, and the BL6JHUK strain at time points P0, P8, P15, and adult (20 μg protein per lane). The Western blot membrane was probed with polyclonal anti β-synuclein IgG, detecting the 19 kDa protein. The lower part shows the anti α-tubulin control. B. Northern blot of brain polyA+-RNA (500 ng per lane) from 129/Ola, ICR, and BL6JHUK mice at different developmental stages (P0, P8, P15, and adult). Probing with a 3'UTR γ-synuclein probe detects a transcript of approximately 0.8 kB. RNA samples were pooled from 4 animals (at P0), or from 2 animals (at P8 and P15) from one litter (same membrane as in Fig. 1B, actin control identical to Fig. 1B).

Specht and Schoepfer BMC Neuroscience 2001 2:11   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-2-11
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