Figure 5.

Chemokine/cytokine mRNA expression. Quantification of chemokine/cytokine mRNA expression from half mouse brain by real-time RT-PCR. N = 5 for all groups (except uninfected control, wild type mice where n = 4) and samples were run in triplicate. All samples were duplexed for the chemokine/cytokine (Fam-label) and an endogenous control GAPDH or β-actin (Vic-label). Expression level is shown as the fold difference between the wild type uninfected control and all other groups (y-axis). Error bars represent the standard deviation. (A)Cxcl10, (B)Il-12b, (C)Il-1b, (D)Arg-1. WT = wild type Cx3cr1+/+, KO = Cx3cr1-/-. *P = 0.01 (T-test). For A (P < 0.01), B (P < 0.05) and C (P < 0.01) expression levels for all infected samples are significantly increased relative to the uninfected controls. No statistically significant differences were seen for D.

Grizenkova et al. BMC Neuroscience 2014 15:44   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-15-44
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