Figure 3.

Courtship and copulation phenotypes of males expressing a FRUM inhibitory RNA transgene compared to control males. Measurements from 10-minute videotaped courtship tests (see Methods) include A) Latencies to courtship initiation (black), first attempted copulation (white) and copulation (stippled), B) Number of copulation attempts, and C) Copulation duration. The number of animals tested (n) is shown above each bar on the graph (A) and genotype labels are indicated beneath graph (C). For genotypes missing stippled bars in (A) or black bars in (C), none of those males achieved copulation. En-fruMRNAi males’ values for Latency to courtship initiation (A-black) are not statistically different from controls (p = 0.265). The average durations for En-fruMRNAi males measured as Latency to the first attempted copulation (A-white), Latency to copulation (A-stippled) are significantly different from durations measured for En-Gal4/+ and fruMRNAi/+ controls (p < 0.001)*. En-fruMRNAi males have more copulation attempts (B) and shorter copulation durations (C), which are significantly different from values for all other genotypes (p < 0.001)**. All data are shown as mean ± SEM.

Latham et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:57   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-57
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