Figure 1.

Synergistic neurite outgrowth induced by combinatorial growth factor-PACAP treatments. (a(i)), (b(i)), (c(i)) Response surface plots for the NGF (0-50 ng/ml)-PACAP (0-500 ng/ml) (NP), FGFb (0-100 ng/ml)-PACAP (0-500 ng/ml) (FP), and EGF (0-50 ng/ml)-PACAP (0-500 ng/ml) (EP) systems, respectively. Top panel: Experimentally obtained results of the growth factor-PACAP combinatorial treatment; Bottom panel: Additive effect calculated through the summation of the individual effects of the growth factors and PACAP. The x, y, and z axes denote concentrations of PACAP (ng/ml), concentrations of growth factors (ng/ml), and neurite length, respectively. (a(ii)), (b(ii)), (c(ii)) Isobologram plots illustrating the concentrations of growth factor and PACAP necessary to obtain a neurite length of 0.14 for the NP, FP, and EP systems, respectively. (d) Representative images of cells treated with each growth factor (50 ng/ml) with and without PACAP (100 ng/ml).

Seow et al. BMC Neuroscience 2013 14:153   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-14-153
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