Table 1

Composition of cell culture media to expand the STROC05 cell line
Component Concentration Supplier
DMEM: F:12 Base media Gibco
Human albumin solution 0.03% Baxter
Human insulin 5 μg/ml Sigma
L-glutamine 2 mM Sigma
Putrescine DiHCl 16.2 μg/ml Sigma
Sodium Selenite 40 ng/ml Sigma
L-Thyroxine (T4) 400 ng/ml Sigma
Tri-iodo-thyronine (T3) 337 ng/ml Sigma
Progesterone 60 ng/ml Sigma
Corticosterone 20 μg/ml Sigma
*bFGF-2 10 μg/ml PeproTch
*EGF 10 μg/ml Invitrogen
*4-OHT-tamoxifen 100nM/ml Sigma

Factors with a * were removed to induce a spontaneous differentiation of cells.

El-Akabawy et al.

El-Akabawy et al. BMC Neuroscience 2012 13:97   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-13-97

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