Figure 10.

Schematic of excitatory neuron migration, differentiation, and patterns of gene expression. a, Illustration of radial migration, and general morphological characteristics, of excitatory neurons. RGC, radial glial cell; IPC, intermediate precursor cell; MPN, multipolar neuron; BPN, bipolar neuron; PMN, postmigratory neuron; VZ, ventricular zone; IZ, intermediate zone; CP, cortical plate; MZ, marginal zone. b, Pie charts representing gene clusters 1-14 (see Figure 3) as a function of their relative contribution to the population of ≥ 3 fold up-regulated genes as a function of cortical location (upper, middle, deep). The accompanying table (bottom) indicates the Gene Ontology (GO) classification for each of the gene clusters, and the percentage of genes within each GO classification in each zone (D, M, U). c, The individual, greatest up-regulated genes in the Eomes lineage for each cortical zone.

Cameron et al. BMC Neuroscience 2012 13:90   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-13-90
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