Figure 5.

Expression of cry genes in zebrafish larvae. WT larvae were fixed at the indicated stages and then processed for WISH with an antisense probe for cry1b or cry3. (A-C) cry1b is expressed in the brain (closed arrowhead) from 3 to 5 dpf. (D, G) At 3 dpf, cry3 is expressed in the brain (closed arrowhead), ear (open arrowhead) and in a region of the retina around the lens (black arrows). Inset in panel G is a higher magnification of the area around the lens. (E, H) At 4 dpf, cry3 is expressed in the brain (closed arrowhead), ear (open arrowhead), and liver (gray arrowhead). (F, I) By 5 dpf, cry3 transcripts are present in the ganglion cell (black arrows) and inner nuclear layers (white arrows) of the retina, and persist in the brain (closed arrowhead) and liver (gray arrowhead). WISH at each stage was repeated two times and representative images are shown (n≥5 embryos for the experiment shown). Panels (A-F) are lateral views, anterior to the left and panels (G-I) are dorsal views, anterior to the left. Scale bar in panel I (for all images except G inset) = 500 μm, Scale bar for G inset = 100 μm.

Noche et al. BMC Neuroscience 2011 12:7   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-12-7
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