Figure 2.

No Regenerated FB+ DRG Neurons Found in Liposome-Treated Animals. A-B) In the ipsilateral DRG, only saline-treated control animals showed retrograde labelled FB+ neuronal cell bodies (white arrows), as compared to the contralateral DRG (C). D-E) No FB labelled neurons were found in any of the liposome-treated animals, in the ipsilateral (red arrows) or contralateral DRG (F). G) Quantification of FB+ cell bodies in ipsilateral (black bar) and contralateral (white bar) DRGs revealed significantly more labelled neurons in saline-treated animals, as compared to unlabelled DRG neurons in liposome-treated (***P < 0.0001). Note that the contralateral DRG was used from the uninjured side as a control. Columns represent an averaged mean (5 sections per animal, n = 10) and error bars indicate error of mean (+/- S.E.). FB = fast blue tracer, DRG = dorsal root ganglia, CL = contralateral, IL = ipsilateral. Scale bars A and D 500 μm, C and F 300 enlarged views 200 μm.

Aguilar Salegio et al. BMC Neuroscience 2011 12:11   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-12-11
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