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Movement of the axonal framework occurs during normal axonal elongation of neonatal sensory neurons. This movie demonstrates that mitochondria docked to the axonal framework advance forward during normal axonal elongation. Sensory neurons from neonatal rats were grown on plastic dishes, coated with poly-L-ornithine, for 2-3 days and then were stained with MitoTracker Red CMX-Ros (0.1 µM) on the day of imaging. Fluorescent images were acquired every 2 minutes to visualize mitochondrial distribution and phase images were acquired at 15 to 30 minute intervals to resolve axonal morphology. The time of image acquisition for the phase and fluorescent images is shown as h:min in the movie. The movies were straightened to follow the right axonal branch using the Straighten plugin in ImageJ. A kymograph illustrating the forward advance of mitochondria, stably docked to the axonal framework, is shown on the right hand side of the movie. The kymograph was generated from the straightened image. The length of the arrow above the kymograph represents 1 hour and the vertical scale bar is equal to 20 µm. The dot that moves across the top of the kymograph denotes the time position in the movie. The movie is displayed at 20 frames per second.

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Lamoureux et al. BMC Neuroscience 2010 11:140   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-11-140