Figure 2.

Detailed examples of ncRNAs expressed during oligodendrocyte differentiation. (A-F) Expression of the ncRNA AK044422 during GABAN and OL differentiation. (A) Genomic context of the ncRNA AK044422 transcript (red), miR-124a (orange), RNA secondary structures as predicted by RNAz [101] (green). (B-E) In situ hybridization of adult mouse brain sagittal sections for AK044422 transcript. (B) AK044422 is expressed broadly throughout the adult mouse brain. (C) AK044422 exhibits an enriched expression in the Cornu Ammonis subfields (CA1-3; blue arrow) (D) Detail of cerebellum shows AK044422 exhibits enriched expression in Purkinje neurons (green arrow). (E) Detail of olfactory bulb shows enriched expression in the mitral layer (red arrow). Images courtesy of (Allen Brain Atlas, webcite). (F) Example of RNA secondary structure prediction within AK044422 transcript as rendered by CONTRAfold [99]. (G) Expression of AK044422 (red) and Ptbp1 (blue) according to microarray analysis (expression is relative to NSCs and error bars show standard deviation). (H) Genomic context of Sox8 (blue) and ncRNA Sox8OT transcript (AK070380; red). (I) Expression of Sox8OT (red) and Sox8 (blue) according to microarray analysis. (J) Genomic context of the ncRNAs Neat1 (orange) and Neat2 (dark red) and histogram of vertebrate conservation (dark blue). (K) Expression of Neat1 (orange) and Neat2 (red) according to microarray analysis.

Mercer et al. BMC Neuroscience 2010 11:14   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-11-14
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