Figure 7.

Confocal image analysis of BrdU, NeuN and GFAP co-immunostaining in p75NTR (+/+) and (-/-) mice. Coronal sections of the dentate gyrus were co-immunostained with antibodies directed against BrdU (red), NeuN (green) and GFAP (blue). Sections harvested from p75 NTR (+/+) (A, anterior; C, posterior) and p75 NTR (-/-) (B, anterior; D, posterior) mice one day following the 6-day BrdU protocol were examined. Sections from p75 NTR (-/-) mice (B-D) demonstrate an apparent decrease in the number of SGZ BrdU-positive neurons colocalizing with NeuN marker (yellow) compared to wildtype mice (A-C). (E): Insert: cells staining for BrdU and NeuN (yellow); BrdU and GFAP (pink); BrdU (red); NeuN (green) and GFAP (blue). Scale bar, A-D: 300 μm and E: 15 μm.

Bernabeu and Longo BMC Neuroscience 2010 11:136   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-11-136
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