Figure 6.

Kainic acid (30 mg/kg) induces transgenic hBDNF-EGFP mRNA expression in brains of C3 line transgenic mice. (A) Induction of alternatively spliced hBDNF-EGFP transcripts in C3 mouse hippocampus (HC) and cerebral cortex (CTX), analyzed with RT-PCR. mBDNF – mouse transcripts; ND – not determined; KA – kainic acid treated mice; CTR – control mice. Three BDNF-II bands correspond to alternatively spliced transcripts. (B) Quantitative real-time RT-PCR analysis of selected BDNF transcripts, normalized to HPRT1 levels and expressed as fold difference relative to mRNA levels in untreated mice. (C) In situ hybridization autoradiographs of C3 mouse coronal brain sections. Pir – piriform cortex; CA1, CA3 – hippocampal subfields; DG – dentate gyrus of hippocampus; Hi – hilar area of dentate gyrus; Th – thalamus; Hth – hypothalamus; Amy – amygdala.

Koppel et al. BMC Neuroscience 2009 10:68   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-10-68
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