Figure 7.

Transduction pattern of the CMV-EGFP lentivirus in DG and CA3 by EGFP immunohistochemistry. A: Confocal microscope image and orthogonal projections onto the x-z (bottom) and y-z (right) planes showing co-localization (yellow) of the native EGFP fluorescence (green) and EGFP immunohistochemistry signal (red) in GC somata, one week after injection. B: Higher magnification of the boxed area depicted in A showing partial co-localization in dendrites of GC (top). The split panels corresponding to the EGFP native fluorescence signal (488 nm, center) and the EGFP immunohistochemistry signal (594 nm, bottom) are shown. C and D: Composite of 5 confocal z-projected stacks combining EGFP's native fluorescence and immunohistochemistry signal 5 weeks after injection, showing EGFP positive cells with their somata in the GCL (E) and projecting axons into the hilus (F) and the Stratum Lucidum of the CA3 field (G), were the synaptic boutons of these axons are evident (F and inset in G). Each image shown is representative of 5 animals independently injected. Scale bars: A: 40 μm; B: 25 μm; C: 200 μm; E; F and G: 10 μm. GCL: Granule Cell Layer, H:Hilus. CA3: Cornu Ammonis 3.

van Hooijdonk et al. BMC Neuroscience 2009 10:2   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-10-2
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