Figure 2.

Immunohistochemical analysis showing age-dependent loss of TH+ neurons in the DMC of Ddc-Gal4>DJ-1A RNAi flies. A-D: Frontal paraffin sections of adult fly brain were reacted with anti-TH antibody and detected with the peroxidase/DAB staining method. Representative sections containing DA neurons in the DMC were shown for each genotype. A, B: Ddc-Gal4>DJ-1A RNAi flies; C, D: Ddc-Gal4/+ flies. A, C: TH-immunostaining of 1-day-old flies; B, D: TH-immunostaining of 25-day-old flies. E: Statistical analysis of the number of DNs within the DMC of Ddc-Gal4/+, Ddc-Gal4>DJ-1A RNAi, and Ddc-Gal4>DJ-1A RNAi+hDJ-1 genotyped flies. Flies were fed with wet yeast paste. Between 8-25 fly heads for each genotype and age were evaluated. Columns depict mean with standard deviation of the mean (SD). ***: P < 0.0001 in ANOVA with Dunnett's post test.

Faust et al. BMC Neuroscience 2009 10:109   doi:10.1186/1471-2202-10-109
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