Table 2

Viability of single and double mutant strains inYHR087WandCDC33under hygromycin 10 μg/mL
Strain Viability
BY4741 95,33 ± 8,08
Δyhr087w 73,67 ± 0,58
cdc33ts 41,71 ± 8,33
Δyhr087w cdc33ts 27,34 ± 3,45

Dilutions from cultures in exponential phase of growth were plated on YPD or YPD + hygromycin 10 μg/mL plates and the colony forming units appeared 48-72 hours later were counted. Viability was determined as the percentage between the CFU in hygromycin plates and in YPD plates. Application of the t-test to the data obtained for cdc33ts and Δyhr087w cdc33ts mutant strains gave a P value (calculated for one tail using Microsoft Office Excel) of 0.0025.

Gomar-Alba et al.

Gomar-Alba et al. BMC Molecular Biology 2012 13:19   doi:10.1186/1471-2199-13-19

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