Figure 4.

Protein sequences of uPAR exon 7 splice variants. Alternate splice variants which were identified and confirmed by real time PCR in the current analyses are shown. Alternate exons are labelled back and blue; red amino acids are encoded over an exon boundary. The signal peptide, removed during processing (not included in numbering of mature peptide) is highlighted green. The region highlighted pink is removed during processing to give GPI anchor at the new C-terminus. Domains are defined by the end cysteines involved in disulphide bridges (purple). Peptide D2A (yellow, domain 2) binds integrins αvβ3 and α5β1, aiding signalling to vitronectin and also has chemotactic activity [20], whilst a region highlighted in domain 3 (yellow) binds integrin α5β1 [21]. The minimum chemotactic domain (turquoise) binds FPRL1 and encourages chemotaxis of many cell types [22]. uPA binding regions determined by phage display and peptide array are highlighted grey [19], whilst residues involved in the uPA binding determined by alanine scanning mutagenesis are highlighted red [17].

Stewart and Sayers BMC Molecular Biology 2009 10:75   doi:10.1186/1471-2199-10-75
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