Figure 3.

Effects of ColR on the expression of a set of computationally predicted promoters. β-galactosidase (β-gal) activities measured in wild-type (wt), colR-defective (colR) and colR-defective strain PaWRtaccolR complemented with colR gene under the control of the Ptac promoter (RtacR). P. putida strains carried reporter plasmids with promoter regions of following genes: PP0035, PP0036, PP0900, PP0901, PP0737, PP1636, PP2560 or PP3766. Bacteria were grown either on glucose (glc) or glucose plus 2.5 mM phenol (glc+phe) minimal plates. ColR expression in strain PaWRtaccolR was induced with 0.5 mM IPTG (RtacR+IPTG). Data (means and standard deviations) from at least three independent experiments are presented. For promoter probe vector p9TTBlacZ, the basal level of β-galactosidase activity was less than 0.5 Miller units. Asterisks above the bars indicate statistically significant differences (p < 0.05 according to t-test) between the promoter activities of particular strain and wild-type. Dots indicate significant differences between PaWRtaccolR strain and PaWRtaccolR strain grown with IPTG.

Kivistik et al. BMC Molecular Biology 2009 10:46   doi:10.1186/1471-2199-10-46
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