Figure 4.

Time course analysis of housekeeping genes. Effect of storage time and handling conditions on housekeeping gene expression. Relative qRT-PCR amount synthetised on 1 μg of total RNA from placental tissues stored at +4°C from 0 h to 96 h according to protocol A or protocol B (n = 14 for each group). Reactions were normalised to contain equivalent amounts of total RNA. (a): ALAS (b): B2M, (c): Cyclophilin. Data are plotted as mean +/- SEM. (n = 14). p values were determined by ANOVA. p < 0.05 was considered to be significant. ALAS at T0, protocol A versus T96, protocol B: p = 0.01. Cyclophilin, protocol A versus protocol B: p < 0.007 at any time of storage.

Fajardy et al. BMC Molecular Biology 2009 10:21   doi:10.1186/1471-2199-10-21
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