Figure 7.

Correlation between bioluminescence and colony forming units (pLuxMC2). Illustrates the log colony forming units per ml from groups of mice feed pLuxMC2 for three days followed by thirty days of persistence study. The recovered gastrointestinal tracts (GIT) at each of the five time points were divided into the major physical sections and the average cfu/ml from the homognised tissue samples are represented in red (■) for the caecum, yellow (■) for the large intestine and the small intestine in blue (■). The image panel in both (a) and (b) represents an intact excised GIT at each time point. These images were obtained using an IVIS 100 system with 5 min of exposure and a binning value of 8. The color bar indicates the bioluminescence signal intensity (in photons s-1 cm -2 sr-1). ND, not detectable (bioluminescence counts less than 1 × 104 photons s-1). BLU, bioluminescence counts (photons s-1 cm -2 sr-1); BLU C, recovered from caecum; BLU LI, from the large intestine and BLU SI from the small intestine.

Cronin et al. BMC Microbiology 2008 8:161   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-8-161
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