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Virstatin inhibits biofilm formation and motility of Acinetobacter baumannii

Yassine Nait Chabane12, Mohamed Ben Mlouka12, Stéphane Alexandre12, Marion Nicol12, Sara Marti12, Martine Pestel-Caron13, Jordi Vila4, Thierry Jouenne12 and Emmanuelle Dé12*

Author Affiliations

1 Normandie University, Caen, France

2 Laboratory “Polymères, Biopolymères, Surfaces”, UMR 6270 & FR 3038 CNRS, IRIB, University of Rouen, Mont-Saint-Aignan, Cedex 76821, France

3 University of Rouen, Rouen University Hospital, GRAM, Rouen, EA 2656, France

4 Department of Microbiology, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain

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BMC Microbiology 2014, 14:62  doi:10.1186/1471-2180-14-62

Published: 12 March 2014

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Additional file 1: Figure S1:

Virstatin effect on A. baumannii ATCC 17978 growth in planktonic and biofilm modes. A- Growth curves of A. baumannii in MH broth (☐), MH broth with 0.5% DMSO (volume used for the addition of 100 μM virstatin) (◇), or MH broth with 100 μM virstatin (△). B- A. baumannii colony forming units after a 24 h planktonic (◆) and biofilm (●) growth depending on virstatin concentrations. Curves are given as an average of 3 replicates.

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Additional file 2: Figure S2:

Dispersing effect of virstatin. Virstatin added at 100 μM on 24 h preformed biofilms. Quantification of biofilm biomass was made by crystal violet staining after additional 24 h growth. “*” for P < 0.05.

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Additional file 3: Table S1:

Virstatin effect on A. baumannii clinical isolates.

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