Table 1

The characteristics of five samples of autochthonous leishmaniasis used in this study
Isolates Location Year of isolation Clinical presentation of leishmaniasis HIV coinfection Source of DNA Sequence accession no. [reference]
SSU-rRNA ITS1 hsp70 cyt b
CU1 Songkhla 2011 VL# Yes Culture JX195633 JX195639 KC202883 JX195635
PCM1+ Phang-nga 2007 VL Yes Bone marrow smear JN885899 [8] EF200012 [7] not sequenced JX195636
PCM2§ Trang 2010 CL* and VL Yes Culture JQ280883 [8] JX195640 KC202880 JX195634
PCM4 Stun 2010 VL No Bone marrow smear JN087497 JX195637 KC202882 not sequenced
PCM5 Trang 2011 CL and VL Yes Buffy coat not sequenced not sequenced KC202881 not sequenced

+, this isolate was previously described in the study by Sukmee et al. [7]; §, this isolate was previously described as Trang strain in the study by Bualert et al. [8]; #, visceral leishmaniasis; *, cutaneous leishmaniasis.

Leelayoova et al.

Leelayoova et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:60   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-60

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