Table 1

List of 175 S. Heidelberg and S. Typhimurium isolates from the Pennsylvania Department of Health that were analyzed in this study
Isolate Sequence type PFGE pattern PA region Isolation date
S. Heidelberg
06E00444 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Mar-06
06E00726 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Jun-06
06E01437 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Aug-06
07E00466 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Apr-07
07E00768 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 NC May-07
07E01405 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Aug-07
07E01505 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Aug-07
08E00753 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 NE Jun-08
08E01373 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Aug-08
09E00637 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Mar-09
09E00701 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Mar-09
09E00750 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Apr-09
09E00782 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Apr-09
09E01149 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE May-09
09E01511 HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Jun-09
M09019838001A HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Aug-09
M10003150001A HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Jan-10
M10014816001A HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Jun-10
M10016406001A HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Jul-10
M10022189001A HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Sep-10
M11012103001A HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SW Apr-11
M11017212001A HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SE Jul-11
M11021620001A HST 7 JF6X01.0022 SW Aug-11
06E00846 HST 7 JF6X01.0032 SW Jun-06
08E00963 HST 7 JF6X01.0033 SW Jul-08
08E01089 HST 7 JF6X01.0033 SE Jul-08
07E01378 HST 7 JF6X01.0034 SW Jul-07
08E00470 HST 7 JF6X01.0034 NE May-08
08E00508 HST 7 JF6X01.0034 NE May-08
M10000626001A HST 7 JF6X01.0034 SW Dec-09
07E00964 HST 7 JF6X01.0042 NW Jun-07
M11025202001A HST 7 JF6X01.0042 SC Oct-11
M11027881001A HST 7 JF6X01.0042 NE Nov-11
07E01870 HST 7 JF6X01.0045 SC Sep-07
M09021251001A HST 7 JF6X01.0051 SE Sep-09
09E00927 HST 7 JF6X01.0058 SE May-09
08E00342 HST 7 JF6X01.0080 SE Mar-08
M11018110001A HST 7 JF6X01.0087 NW Jul-11
06E00558 HST 7 JF6X01.0122 NW
07E00680 HST 7 JF6X01.0122 SW May-07
07E02336 HST 7 JF6X01.0161 SW Nov-07
07E02139 HST 7 JF6X01.0167 SW Oct-07
M09033280001A HST 7 JF6X01.0221 SE Dec-09
M10004098001A HST 7 JF6X01.0246 SE Feb-10
08E01461 HST 7 JF6X01.0324 SE Aug-08
09E00128 HST 7 JF6X01.0324 SE Jan-09
M09015668001A HST 7 JF6X01.0326 SE Jul-09
M10015955001A HST 7 JF6X01.0581 SW Jul-10
06E01523 HST 8 JF6X01.0051 SE Sep-06
08E00143 HST 9 JF6X01.0022 NE Feb-13
08E01679 HST 9 JF6X01.0022 SC Sep-08
06E01915 HST 9 JF6X01.0022 SC Oct-06
07E00349 HST 9 JF6X01.0022 SW Feb-07
07E02366 HST 9 JF6X01.0022 NE Dec-07
09E01408 HST 9 JF6X01.0022 SW Jun-09
M10006052001A HST 9 JF6X01.0022 SW Mar-10
M10021328001A HST 9 JF6X01.0022 SC Sep-10
M11000821001A HST 9 JF6X01.0041 NW Jan-11
06E00519 HST 9 JF6X01.0052 NE Apr-06
07E00933 HST 10 JF6X01.0051 SC Jun-07
08E00107 HST 11 JF6X01.0085 NE Jan-08
09E00226 HST 12 JF6X01.0022 SE Jan-09
M10020282001A HST 13 JF6X01.0034 NC Sep-10
07E02483 HST 14 JF6X01.0022 SC Dec-07
08E00103 HST 14 JF6X01.0022 SE Jan-08
07E00451 HST 15 JF6X01.0049 SC Mar-07
08E01904 HST 15 JF6X01.0049 SW Sep-08
08E01911 HST 15 JF6X01.0049 SW Oct-08
07E01400 HST 16 JF6X01.0270 SE Jul-07
M10004892001A HST 17 JF6X01.0041 SE Mar-10
M11005464001A HST 17 JF6X01.0041 SW Feb-11
M11000267001A HST 17 JF6X01.0500 NW Dec-10
M09020244001A HST 18 JF6X01.0321 SW Aug-09
M09022904001A HST 19 JF6X01.0022 NE Sep-09
M11020321001A HST 20 JF6X01.0042 SE Aug-11
M10018092001A HST 21 JF6X01.0033 SW Aug-10
M11011342001A HST 21 JF6X01.0058 SW Apr-11
M11013202001A HST 21 JF6X01.0058 SW May-11
M11015845001A HST 21 JF6X01.0058 SW Jun-11
M11015850001A HST 21 JF6X01.0058 SW Jun-11
M11023722001A HST 21 JF6X01.0058 SW Sep-11
M11005685001A HST 21 JF6X01.0582 SW Feb-11
M10002453001A HST 22 JF6X01.0032 SC Jan-10
M09016444001A HST 22 JF6X01.0033 NC Jul-09
07E02184 HST 23 JF6X01.0042 SE Oct-07
07E01907 HST 24 JF6X01.0058 SW Sep-07
06E00416 HST 25 JF6X01.0172 NC Mar-06
06E00661 HST 26 JF6X01.0022 SE Jun-06
06E01299 HST 27 JF6X01.0022 SE Aug-06
S. Typhimurium
07E00002 TST 9 JPXX01.0177 Dec-06
07E02276 TST 9 JPXX01.0177 Nov-07
08E02063 TST 9 JPXX01.0177 Oct-08
09E00003 TST 9 JPXX01.0177 Dec-08
M09023403001A TST 9 JPXX01.0177 Sep-09
07E01490 TST 10 JPXX01.0003 Aug-07
07E01769 TST 10 JPXX01.0003 Sep-07
07E02403 TST 10 JPXX01.0003 Dec-07
08E00363 TST 10 JPXX01.0003 Apr-08
09E00309 TST 10 JPXX01.0003 Jan-09
M10005050001A TST 10 JPXX01.0003 Feb-10
M10010138001A TST 10 JPXX01.0003 Apr-10
M10023515001A TST 10 JPXX01.0003 Oct-10
07E00173 TST 10 JPXX01.0018 Jan-07
08E00006 TST 10 JPXX01.0018 Dec-07
M09017753001A TST 10 JPXX01.0018 Jul-09
M10003149001A TST 10 JPXX01.0018 Jan-10
M10006054001A TST 10 JPXX01.0098 Mar-10
07E00658 TST 10 JPXX01.0256 Apr-07
08E00457 TST 10 JPXX01.1011 Apr-08
M10018865001A TST 10 JPXX01.2731 Aug-10
07E00234 TST 11 JPXX01.0442 Feb-07
M10001003001A TST 11 JPXX01.0442 Jan-10
07E00290 TST 12 JPXX01.0022 Feb-07
07E00436 TST 12 JPXX01.0146 Mar-07
M09028540001A TST 12 JPXX01.0146 Oct-09
M10012000001A TST 12 JPXX01.0146 May-10
M11018826001A TST 12 JPXX01.0604 Jul-11
09E01310 TST 12 JPXX01.0925 May-09
08E02215 TST 12 JPXX01.1302 Nov-08
08E00255 TST 13 JPXX01.0001 Feb-08
M11021986001A TST 13 JPXX01.0081 Aug-11
09E00084 TST 13 JPXX01.0111 Dec-08
07E00868 TST 13 JPXX01.0206 Jun-07
07E00568 TST 13 JPXX01.0642 Apr-07
07E00364 TST 13 JPXX01.1212 Jan-07
07E01042 TST 14 JPXX01.1393 Jun-07
07E01180 TST 15 JPXX01.0003 Jun-07
08E01211 TST 15 JPXX01.0003 Jul-08
M11004438001A TST 15 JPXX01.0003 Jan-11
M11016520001A TST 15 JPXX01.0070 Jun-11
07E01365 TST 16 JPXX01.0928 Jul-07
08E00877 TST 17 JPXX01.0006 Jun-08
08E01423 TST 17 JPXX01.0006 Aug-08
07E02063 TST 17 JPXX01.0146 Oct-07
M09025088001A TST 17 JPXX01.0146 Oct-09
M11002975001A TST 17 JPXX01.0146 Jan-11
08E01686 TST 17 JPXX01.0416 Sep-08
07E02348 TST 18 JPXX01.0018 Nov-07
08E00618 TST 19 JPXX01.0146 May-08
M10000110001A TST 19 JPXX01.0146 Jan-10
M10010755001A TST 19 JPXX01.0146 May-10
M11025544001A TST 19 JPXX01.0146 Sep-11
08E00074 TST 19 JPXX01.0557 Jan-08
M11011894001A TST 19 JPXX01.2900 Apr-11
M09018928001A TST 20 JPXX01.0001 Aug-09
08E00162 TST 20 JPXX01.0014 Feb-08
09E00747 TST 20 JPXX01.0014 Apr-09
M11029619001A TST 20 JPXX01.0014 Nov-11
M10026894001A TST 20 JPXX01.0146 Nov-10
08E00998 TST 21 JPXX01.0604 Jul-08
08E02429 TST 22 JPXX01.1396 Dec-08
09E00422 TST 23 JPXX01.1255 Feb-09
09E00632 TST 24 JPXX01.1975 Mar-09
09E00904 TST 25 JPXX01.2016 Apr-09
M09014919001A TST 26 JPXX01.0083 Jun-09
M09015997001A TST 27 JPXX01.0416 Jul-09
M09020496001A TST 28 JPXX01.0146 Aug-09
M09021700001A TST 29 JPXX01.0552 Sep-09
M10014370001A TST 30 JPXX01.0333 Jun-10
M10015309001A TST 31 JPXX01.0003 Jun-10
M10016817001A TST 32 JPXX01.0324 Jul-10
M10025067001A TST 33 JPXX01.0359 Oct-10
M10028492001A TST 34 JPXX01.0060 Dec-10
M11001607001A TST 35 JPXX01.0359 Jan-11
M11009301001A TST 36 JPXX01.1678 Mar-11
M11012744001A TST 37 JPXX01.0013 May-11
M11015184001A TST 38 JPXX01.1833 Jun-11
M11022803001A TST 39 JPXX01.0146 Sep-11
M10007760001A TST 40 JPXX01.2488 Apr-10
M11006620001A TST 41 JPXX01.1314 Feb-11
M11024498001A TST 42 JPXX01.0351 Oct-11
09E01078 TST 42 JPXX01.0781 May-09
07E00784 TST 56 JPXX01.0359 May-07
08E00321 TST 57 JPXX01.1301 Mar-08
M09031352001A TST 58 JPXX01.0146 Nov-09

The data are shown in order of Sequence Type (HST or TST) and further sorted by PFGE pattern.

Shariat et al.

Shariat et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:254   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-254

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