Table 1

Statistics for multiple regression models predicting rosetting*
Independent variables AIC BIC R2 Adj. R2
A Cys2, Grp2, Grp3, BS1CP6 20.14 37.40 0.358 0.338
B HB36, HB204, HB210, HB219, HB486 16.48 36.60 0.385 0.361
C BS1CP6, HB54, HB171, HB204, HB219 14.02 34.14 0.400 0.373
D BS1CP6, PC1, PC3, PC4, PC22 4.776 24.90 0.438 0.415

*The result of removing the least significant genetic variable, one by one, from models of rosetting that start with the expression rates of: (row A) the 7 classic var types, (row B) the 29 HB expression rates, (row C) the expression rates for both the 7 classic var types and the 29 HBs, and (row D) the expression rates for the 7 classic var types and the 29 PCs. The variable selection procedure is done maintaining host age in the model, however statistics are shown with age removed. Positive effect independent variables are shown in boldface.

Rorick et al.

Rorick et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:244   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-244

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