Figure 1.

Tricine-SDS-PAGE analysis of extracellular proteins and peptides from some of the LAB strains during stressed and un-stressed conditions. Lane 1- Lactobacillus Fhon13N stressed with LPS, Lane 2- Lactobacillus Fhon13N stressed with LA, Lane 3- Lactobacillus Fhon13N unstressed, lane 4- L. kunkeei Fhon2N stressed with LPS, lane 5- L. kunkeei Fhon2N stressed with LA, lane 6-L. kunkeei Fhon2N unstressed, lane 7- molecular weight marker, lane 8- Bifidobacterium Bin7N stressed with LPS, lane 9- Bifidobacterium Bin7N stressed with LA and lane 10- Bifidobacterium Bin7N unstressed. The second gel is as follows: Lane 1- Lactobacillus Bma5N stressed with LPS and lane 2- Lactobacillus Bma5N, lane 3- Bifidobacterium Hma3N stressed with LPS, lane 4- Bifidobacterium Hma3N unstressed. Marks of X are an indication of where a band was cut and analyzed with MS.

Butler et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:235   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-235
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