Figure 1.

Structural representation of the LPS-biosynthesis locus. Shown are the LPS-biosynthesis loci of 14 L. pneumophila Sg1 strains and the corresponding monoclonal subgroup (in brackets). Strains Alcoy 2300/99, Corby and L10/23, and Paris and Philadelphia 1, respectively had the same genetic structure and monoclonal subtype and were therefore shown in one scheme. The numbering of ORFs was adopted by [21]. A: shows the Sg1-specific 18 kb region (ORFs 1-13) and B: shows the 15 kb region (ORFs 14-28). The direction of transcription is indicated by arrowheads. The filled black arrows indicate transposases/phage-related proteins. Grey shades and hatched patters serve to distinguish ORFs. Asterisk in Uppsala 3, Philadelphia 1 and Paris represents a partial ORF 2 duplication (ORF 2 like) as described by [46]. Underlined ORFs 7–11 in strain 130b represent an inversion. Görlitz 6543 carries a truncated lag-1 marked with .

Petzold et al. BMC Microbiology 2013 13:198   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-13-198
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