Figure 3.

Molecular features of mycoplasma plasmids of the pMV158 family.A. Typical genetic organisation of the replication region of plasmids belonging to the pMV158 family. Putative promoter and terminator of coprep RNA (Pcr, Tcr), leading strand origin of replication (dso), region predicted to include the lagging-strand initiation site (sso) and ctRNA (Pct, Tct) are indicated. Not drawn to scale. B. Comparison of double strand origins. The inverted repeats are underlined. Conserved nucleotides in nick sequences are indicated by bold letters. (/) denote nick site by RepB in pMV158 and the putative nick sites in mycoplasma plasmids. C. Multiple sequence alignments of CopG proteins. Conserved hydrophobic positions are shaded and the conserved Thr/Ser is marked with white font on black background. Boxed letters represent the conserved Gly/Asx residue of the turn connecting helix A and B. D. Multiple sequence alignments of Rep proteins. Motifs typical of pMV158 plasmid family are shown according to del Solar et al. [46]. Numbers indicate positions of the motifs in the Rep sequences and asterisks indicate the conserved position in all aligned Rep sequences.

Breton et al. BMC Microbiology 2012 12:257   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-257
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