Table 1

ThePseudomonas aeruginosaAT-genotypes identified in our study and their presence in publicly accessible AT-databases
AT genotypes Presence in other databases (reference)
0812, 239A, 2C1A, 3C2A, C40A, D421, E429, F429 [7,14,15,17]
F469 [7,15,17]
F661 [7,14,17]
4B9A [12,15,17]
2F92 [7,15]
1BAE [7,14]
0C2E, 6C22, EC22, EC29, EC2A [7,17]
2C22 [14,17]
0F9E, 4992, 7D9A, E59A [7]
002A, 0BA2, 2C2A, CF92 [17]
0C22, 1E1E, 2812, 2D92, 4C0A, 4D92, 4F82, 681A, 842A, 859A, AE0A, B46A, EC28, F468 none

The AT-genotypes identified in our study were search in other published AT-databases [7,14,15,17]. Genotypes were grouped according to the AT-databases sharing them.

Ballarini et al.

Ballarini et al. BMC Microbiology 2012 12:152   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-12-152

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