Figure 4.

UV sensitivity of S. Typhimurium rec mutants. Log phase cultures of S. Typhimurium were diluted and spread on LB agar. Multiple dilutions were exposed to 254 nm UV in a dark room at each designated dose. Then the plates were wrapped with aluminum foil and placed at 37°C overnight. Surviving fractions were calculated and shown except ΔrecA strains χ9833 and χ9833(pYA5001), for which no survivors were recovered at any UV dose. wt: χ3761; ΔrecF: χ9070; ΔrecJ: χ9072; ΔrecA(RecA+): χ9833(pYA5002); ΔrecF(vector): χ9070(pYA5001); ΔrecF(Typhimurium RecF+): χ9070(pYA5005); ΔrecF(Typhi RecF+): χ9070(pYA5006). Survival of Rec+ strains [χ3761, χ9833(pYA5002), χ9070(pYA5005) and χ9070(pYA5006)] was significantly greater than survival of the Rec- strains [χ9070, χ9072 and χ9070(pYA5001)] at the UV doses indicated (P ≤ 0.002; *).

Zhang et al. BMC Microbiology 2011 11:31   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-11-31
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