Figure 1.

Summary of the microbial phyla and orders detected in human female urine. A: An overview of the taxonomy at the phylum level as computed using MEGAN V3.4, using normalized counts by pooling together the V1V2 and V6 16S rDNA reads. The size of the circles is scaled logarithmically to the number of reads assigned to the taxon. Nodes denoted as "Not assigned" and "No hits" are the number of reads that were assigned to a taxon with fewer than 5 hits, or did not match to any sequence when compared to the SSUrdp database, respectively. B and C: Comparison of taxonomic assignments for human female urine sequences at the order level. Reads obtained using the V1V2 hypervariable 16S rDNA region were predominantly assigned to Lactobacillales, and identified in total 18 different orders where Desulfuromonadales and Spirochaetales are unique to this V1V2 dataset. V6 reads revealed a slightly higher diversity with 20 different orders; Bdellovibrionales, Myxococcales, Rhizobiales and Enterobacteriales are only identified by this V6 method.

Siddiqui et al. BMC Microbiology 2011 11:244   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-11-244
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