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Specificity of nested-PCR assays targeting Microdochium spp. This file documents the specificity of the assays employed. A) First PCR step using primers ITS1F and ITS4. M = 100 bp size standard, water: no template DNA included, P. australis: genomic DNA of axenically grown reed plants, genomic DNAs from fungal isolates 4/97-9 (Humicola sp.), 6/97-38 (Chaetomium sp.), 6/97-54 (Fusarium sp.), A4 (Fusarium sp.), 5/97-16 (Microdochium phragmitis), 5/97-54 (M. bolleyi), 5/97-49 (M. bolleyi), 5/97-66 (M. phragmitis), respectively. B) and C) Second PCR steps using primers 5/97-16/ITS.F2 and 5/97-16/ITS.R2, and 5/97-54/ITS.F2 and 5/97-54/ITS.R2, respectively, and the products of the first PCR step as templates.

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Ernst et al. BMC Microbiology 2011 11:242   doi:10.1186/1471-2180-11-242