Figure 6.

TNF-α and IFIT-1 mRNA expression in RAW-IFIT-2 cells. RAW and RAW-IFIT-2 cells were stimulated with LPS (1 μg/ml) for indicated time periods and mRNA expression was detected for (A) TNF-α and (B) IFIT-1 by Real Time RT-PCR normalized to the house keeping gene RPL8. Data are shown as fold increased expression compared to unstimulated cells. Asterisks indicate significant differences p < 0.005 (Two-Way Anova). (C) Cells were stimulated for two hours with LPS and then treated for indicated time periods with actinomycin D. TNF-α and RPL8 mRNA expression was determined by Real-time RT PCR. Data are shown as percentage of the remaining mRNA after actinomycin on logarithmic scale. T1/2 was determined using the means and standard deviations summarizing three independent experiments.

Berchtold et al. BMC Immunology 2008 9:75   doi:10.1186/1471-2172-9-75
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