Table 1

Contents of CED database entries

Entry Field


Conformational epitope ID

Unique identification of the epitope used in CED database.

Constitution and location

Residues that constitute the epitope and their locations.

Epitope immunoproperty

Immunological property of the epitope. For example, any epitope will be considered as neutralizing if the activity of its source antigen is blocked when binding to its corresponding antibody.

Corresponding antibody

Antibody that recognizes and binds this conformational epitope.

Experimental method

Experiment techniques used to identify this epitope, e.g. NMR.

Source antigen

The name of the antigen on which the conformational epitope exists.

Sequence of source antigen

Sequence ID of the source antigen in primary sequence databases such as SwissProt and GenBank; hyperlinked.

Structure of source antigen

PDB ID of the source antigen; hyperlinked

Structure of Ag-Ab complex

PDB ID of the source antigen-antibody complex; hyperlinked.

Chemoproperty of source antigen

Chemical property of source antigen. If the source antigen is an enzyme, it is hyperlinked to KEGG enzyme.

Publication reference

PubMed ID of article that report this epitope; hyperlinked.


Miscellaneous information of the epitope. It is often about the location difference between the reference and the sequence database.

Huang and Honda BMC Immunology 2006 7:7   doi:10.1186/1471-2172-7-7

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