Figure 10.

    BRG1 Binding at the IL-10/IL-24 Locus in multiple T helper subtypes
. ChIP-seq profiles from T helper cells for BRG1, STAT6, STAT4 and STAT5B are shown. BRG1 data are from [47], Stat6 data are from [57] and Stat5 data are from [58]. Resting naïve cells (uNaive), resting Th1, (uTh1), resting Th2 (uTh2), re-stimulated Th1 (Th1s), re-stimulated Th2 (Th2s), re-stimulated Th17 (Th17s) cells are shown. Input is shown as a control. Occupancy range values (y axis) are identical for all graphs to allow direct comparison (minimum tag frequency of 0, maximum tag frequency of 1.14 × 10-5). A scale bar for the × axis (genomic location) is shown. Exons are indicated as vertical bars, gene names are to the left, and arrowheads indicate the direction of transcription. The genomic coordinates represented (MM9 assembly) are chromosome 1, 132,770,000 to 132,950,000.

Wurster et al. BMC Immunology 2012 13:9   doi:10.1186/1471-2172-13-9
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