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Figure S5. Genes involved in the development of mTECs with mTEC-T-DMRs. White, mTECu-T-DMR; gray, mTECany2-T-DMR; black, no mTEC-T-DMR. The pathway was modified from Genome Network Platform ( webcite). Tnfrsf11a (RANK) and its down-stream genes Traf2 and Lyn were associated with mTECany2-T-DMRs and Traf5 was associated with mTECu-T-DMR. TANK (Tank), cIAP2 (Birc2) and Crinkled (Edaradd), which were recruited by TRAF2 to activate the downstream NF-κB [9-11]. Stimulation by RANK leads to activation of STAT1 which in turn up-regulates IFN-stimulated gene expression in mTECs [12]. Stat1 and Jak1 were found to be associated with mTECu-T-DMR and mTECany2-T-DMR, respectively. (PDF 82 kb)

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Wu et al. BMC Immunology 2012 13:58   doi:10.1186/1471-2172-13-58