Figure 6.

Increased proliferation and TCR rearrangement of developing T cells upon concomitant IL-7 removal and anti-CD3/CD28 co-stimulation. Adult human HPCs were co-cultured on LmDL1-FL7 for 21 days and continued on LmDL-FL7 (IL-7 present) or transferred to LmDL-Flt3 (IL-7 deprived) for an additional nine days. A, Diminished precursor T cell growth upon continued presence of IL-7. Day 21 T precursor cells under IL-7 present or deprived conditions were stimulated using anti-CD3/CD28 beads for an additional two weeks. The fold increases in cell number were determined and significant difference was observed between the two groups (n =5, Pā€‰=ā€‰0.006). B, Intracellular staining for Ki67 of the developing T cells with or without IL-7 and stimulated by anti-CD3/CD28 Ab beads. Un-stimulated and stimulated PBMCs from healthy donors were included as controls. C, Quantitative PCR analysis of TREC positive cells in the developing T cell population after IL-7 deprivation and anti-CD3/28 co-stimulation, as compared with control PBMC from healthy donors.

Patel et al. BMC Immunology 2012 13:46   doi:10.1186/1471-2172-13-46
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