Figure 6.

Gene copy number alterations show significant inter-strain variability. Several genes were deleted in all environmental, clinical and commercial strains, while other genes were amplified in almost all strains, relative to the laboratory S288C strain (boxed blocks). However, most of the genes showed significant copy number variability between strains. Panel-A represents the aCGH values (M values) for genes with altered copy number in at least one of the strains. The genes with similar copy number alterations in the wild-type strains relatively to the reference laboratorial strain S288C were highlighted in grey (boxed blocks). The coloured bars next to the gene names identify groups of genes whose relative hybridization value is shown in the line graphs of Panels B-G. In these panels, grey lines represent the aCGH values of genes indicated on the right hand side of each panel (also shown in the color coded map of Panel-A) and the pink line represents the average aCGH values of the genes (lines).

Carreto et al. BMC Genomics 2008 9:524   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-9-524
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