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Amino acid alignment of a small portion of ARSD/E between multiple species. Sequences were aligned using T-Coffee 5.56 [47] using default parameters, edited using JalView [46] and shaded using Boxshade [51]. Mouse ARSD/E has highest identity to rat ARSE (65%). Accession numbers are ARSE: chicken [GenBank:XP_416856], cow [GenBank:ABS45001], dog [GenBank:NP_001041587], horse [GenBank:XP_001495573], macaque [GenBank:Q60HH5], human [GenBank:CAA58556], platypus [GenBank:XP_001514429], opossum [GenBank:XP_001362844], pufferfish [GenBank:CAG09268], rat [GenBank:CAI84983]. ARSD: dog [GenBank:XP_548838], horse [GenBank:XP_001495553], human [GenBank:CAA58555], macaque [GenBank:XP_001092405], opossum, [GenBank:XP_001362931], platypus [GenBank:XP_001507106], chicken [GenBank:XP_416855], zebrafish [GenBank:XP_700386]. Mouse Arsd/e translated from [GenBank:BE457721].

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Levy et al. BMC Genomics 2008 9:468   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-9-468