Figure 3.

Comparison of oaCGH data in the sDp3 and hT2 (qIs48) balancer backgrounds: (A) BC4638 (sDf127 [sDp3]) (B) BC7163 (sDf127/hT2 [qIs48]) (C) BC7162 (sDf125/hT2 [qIs48]). Unambiguous deficiency mapping for each experiment is depicted as a solid black line while ambiguous regions are represented as a dashed grey line. Genes residing at the confirmed sDf127 breakpoints are shown (grey bars). Non-deficiency specific copy number changes introduced by the background strain can be seen (B and C solid arrows). Note: oaCGH array used in A is the Nimblegen design [20] while the array used in B and C is from the exon-centric array described by Mayden [13] (see Methods).

Jones et al. BMC Genomics 2007 8:402   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-8-402
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