Figure 8.

Differential splicing in T. castaneum cys-loop LGIC subunits. (A) Alignment of loop C (LpC) sequences of Tcas_GRD variants 1 and 2. Insertions arising from differential use of splice sites are underlined. (B) Alignment of variant 3 of Drosophila pHCl with the equivalent Tribolium variant (Tcas_pHCl Variant 3). The variants are caused by the differential use of splice sites which inserts stretches of amino acids (underlined). The Tribolium residue in Tcas_pHCl Variant 3 that differs from that of the equivalent Drosophila splice variant is highlighted in bold. Tribolium has an additional variant, Tcas_pHCl Variant 3a, resulting from an insertion of a different peptide sequence at the same site. Potential phosphorylation sites are highlighted in gray shading. (C) Alignment of loop C (LpC) sequences of Tcas_pHCl Variant 4 and a similar variant in Apis (Amel_pHCl Variant 4) where use of differential splice sites introduces an insertion (underlined).

Jones and Sattelle BMC Genomics 2007 8:327   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-8-327
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