Figure 8.

Pearson's correlations between expression profiles of human and mouse orthologs. Human and mouse expression profiles were extracted from the GeneAtlas2 project and the same methodology was used to normalize both of them. A. Frequency distributions of Pearson's correlations for a set of 9616 mouse-human orthologs (solid line with triangles) and a set of 9616 mouse-human randomly chosen gene pairs (dashed line with circles) as well as for 64 mouse-human orthologous OR pairs (dark gray/pink bars) and 64 mouse-human spermatogenesis related orthologous genes (light gray/blue bars). A significant difference between the correlations values in the orthologous OR and spermatogenesis genes groups was supported by Wilcoxon test (p < 0.0001). B. Pearson's correlations between mouse-human orthologous OR pairs were plotted against the protein identity percent within each pair.

Feldmesser et al. BMC Genomics 2006 7:121   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-7-121
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