Figure 3.

SNP mapping dpy-5(e61). A, chromosome mapping. Each pair of lanes shows results from the SNP at the indicated genetic map position, using either the Dumpy (D) or the wild-type (+) template. Linkage is visible as an increase in the proportion of Bristol N2 DNA in Dumpy lanes compared to the wild-type lanes, and is visible on LGI from -12.2 to 15.5. B and C, interval mapping. Each column in B is an individual Dpy recombinant, assayed for the three SNPs W03D8 (top row), D1007 (middle row), and B0205 (bottom row). Most (31/47) recombinants show Bristol DNA at all three SNPs. This indicates that these recombinants were homozygous Bristol at these loci, as expected for tightly linked markers. Sixteen animals show half Bristol and half Hawaiian DNA at one or more loci, indicating that they have one chromosome that is recombinant in this interval. Columns marked "a" are recombinant in the W03D8-D1007 interval, those marked "b" in the D1007-dpy-5 interval, and those marked "c" in the dpy-5-B0205 interval. These data are summarized in C, which depicts the three recombinant genotypes using blue for Bristol DNA and red for Hawaiian DNA. One recombinant, marked with an asterisk, is homozygous Hawaiian at two SNP loci and heterozygous at the third, and is thus very unlikely to be homozygous Bristol at the dpy-5 gene (see Results for explanation).

Davis et al. BMC Genomics 2005 6:118   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-6-118
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