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Table 1: Stress response characteristics of clusterized genes.The 1368 probe sets retained after statistical analysis were submitted to a divisive clustering algorithm (SOTA) which predicted 19 clusters. For each probe set k inside a cluster we calculated, for each stress condition, the mean ratio Rk = <Ln2 (AVstressi / AVref j )>i,j where AVstressi and AVref j denote the average value measured for the ith sample in the stress condition and the jth sample respectively in the reference condition. The mean of the Rk values provides a measurement of the mean intensity of variation for the genes inside a cluster, which is reported in this table. To facilitate visual inspection, we used a color code (red colors corresponding to upregulation, green colors to downregulation) with thresholds corresponding to fold changes of 1.8 (dark colors), 1.5 (medium) and 1.25 (light). The number N of probe sets in each cluster is also reported. From these values we identified groups of clusters (named from A to G) which present close behavior and were used for statistical functional analysis. Clusters corresponding to the common long term stress response (CLTSR) are outlined in red.

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Girardot et al. BMC Genomics 2004 5:74   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-5-74