Figure 4.

The PTEN domain of selected plant formins. For terminology of the plant proteins see Tables 1 and 2; the remaining sequence in the alignment is human PTEN (HsPTEN, AAD13528.1). Amino acids conserved between at least one of the plant sequences and PTEN are shown in yellow for the protein phosphatase-related domain and in light blue for the C2 domain; residues conserved between at least six plant formins are inverted, and marked by asterisks if found also in PTEN. The lipid/protein phosphatase signature is in red, the putative regulatory phosphorylation site (T383) in dark blue. Note that only OsFH3 can be phosphorylated at the corresponding position. Secondary structure prediction for AtFH13 is shown above the alignment (a – α-helix, b – β-sheet); results for other Arabidopsis formins were analogous.

Cvrčková et al. BMC Genomics 2004 5:44   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-5-44
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