Table 1

KIR haplotyping methodology – primary and secondary SNP positions
Amplicona Exon Genes amplifiedb Primary validationc Secondary confirmationd
2DL2-001 5 2DL2, 2DL3, 2DS2, 2DP1, (3DL2) 2DL2-93-T 2DP1-137-T/2DS2-209-T
2DL3-006 7/8 2DL3, 2DS3/5 2DL3-136-G; -616-T 2DS35-59-A
2DL5 3 2DL1/4/5 3DP1 2DL5-170-G; -174-A 2DL5-58-G; -79-T; -103-C; -157-A
2DP1-002 3 2DP1 2DP1-128-G; -130-A
2DS2-002 4 2DL1/2/3, 2DS2, 3DP1 2DS2-89-A 2DL1-60-A; -117-A;-154-A
2DS35-005 4 2DS1, 2DS3/5, 3DP1, (2DL1) 2DS35-247-T; -251-G; -403-A; -404-T2DS3-446-G; -507-T2DS5-376-C 2DS1-446-A
3DL1-002 4 3DL1, 3DS1 3DL1-85-T3DS1-85-G
3DL1-005 4 3DL1, 3DS1 3DL1-157-C; -167-T3DS1-157-T; -167-G
KIR-2DL2-N1 4 2DL2/3, 2DS2, 2DP1 2DL2-126-G 2DS2-213-A2DP1-217-C
KIR-2DS2-N1 5 2DL2/3 2DP1 2DS2 2DS2-92-T 2DL2-179-T
2DS1-4-002 4 2DS1, 2DL1, 2DS4 (2DS35) 2DS1-257-AG2DL1-257-C2DS4-86-T; -95-A 2DS4-76-T; -86-T; -138-G; -187-A; -95-A; -179-A; -197-A; -225-T; -246-T; -345-G
2DS1-004 4 2DS1, 2DL1, (2DS4) 2DS1-80-AG2DL1-80-C 2DL1-139-G2DS1-139-T
3DL1-3DS1-01 4 3DL1, 3DS1, 3DL2 multiple SNPse
3DL1-3DS1-05 4 3DL1, 3DS1, 3DL2 multiple SNPse

a see supplementary Additional file 1: Table S3 for primer sequences.

b loci listed in parenthesis indicate secondary PCR products amplified only in the absence of the target locus.

c The position(s) of SNP(s) within the amplicon uniquely identifying the target locus.

d The position(s) of SNP(s) which identify other loci amplified by that assay.

e multiple SNP positions indicate presence or absence of 3DL1/S1.

Pyo et al.

Pyo et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:89   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-89

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