Figure 2.

BayMiR performance in the miRNA over-expression experiments. (top) mRNAs in the over-expression miRNA assays are grouped into five bins based on their BayMiR and gene variation scores; the mean log-fold change of the mRNAs in each bin is plotted in as a bar. There are two groups of bars; the left- and right-hand groups correspond to BayMiR and gene variation, respectively. (middle) Comparing BayMiR and gene variation scores with seven sequence scores from TargetScan. Each bar represents the negative mean log-fold change for mRNAs whose scores are greater than the median of all mRNA scores for the selected determinant in the miRNA over-expression assays. The most left-hand group is obtained by combining the context+ scores with BayMiR scores. The dashed line shows the mean log-fold change for all targets in the miRNA over-expression assays (bottom) Comparing BayMiR scores with the conservation scores as measured by TargetScan. The conservation scores are given only for the targets with conserved target sites complementary to the seed regions of the conserved miRNA families. Error bars indicate 95% confidence intervals for the estimated means.

Radfar et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:592   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-592
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