Table 1

Mis-annotated genes identified by LNS
Gene Old ortholog New ortholog LNS Comments
620.38 YOR101W YOR089C −0.379 Blast e-value to VPS21 is 1e-92. Blast to RAS1 is 11th on list.
576.11 YGL157W YGL039W 0.184 Note similar synteny conflict with 674.45. This gene is second best blast, e-value 1e-160.
674.45 YGL039W YGL157W −0.077 Synteny preserved by change, new gene is best blast hit with e-value 3e-146. Note similar problem with 576.11.
635.17 YOR267C YOR233W −0.633 Synteny preserved by change. YOR233W is best blast hit with e-value 0.
636.13 YPR119W YPR120C −0.03
(cell cycle) Best hit with CLB5 (YPR120C).

Ortholog pairings were initially taken from the original genome annotation [7]. Several mis-pairs were identified by their low global or condition-specific LNS.

Guan et al.

Guan et al. BMC Genomics 2013 14:33   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-33

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